Learning Management System

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The LMS (Learning Management System) program is a platform that offers support in selecting, following and providing trainings. A LMS can be used within a company to keep track of which employees have followed a training, are following one right now or will be following one in the future. At Question Degree you can check through tests what the skills are and what the knowledge is of your employees. You can also put a minimum standard to your tests which your employees have to achieve. After your employees have finished this test you will be able to see who made the minimum standard and which employees might need some extra training. As you can see, we support multiple learning possibilities at Question Degree. Question Degree is ideal for GIP (Guided Independent Learning). This is a type of education where the participant only gets a guideline. GIP is often done through E-learning or M-learning, since the participant has enough space to work and study independently. Moreover, with the help of our partners we will also be able to give you a mix of traditional teaching together with GIP. This is also known as blended learning.

Blended learning

Blended learning means that online digital media methods, such as E-learning, are combined with classroom methods. Because of our partners we can create effective courses with a combination of both methods. When you choose blended learning you can give extra support to the learners and help them when they have questions. For example, a coach can give the learners a list of online resources they can use to broaden their understanding of the subject. Moreover, with blended learning you can also make sure that everyone is on the same page and find out who will benefit the most from a course.

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