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Training Instructional Skills

Instructional skills is a subject on itself. Are you a manager and do you guide your new employees, then this training is really for you.
How do we train in training instructional skills:
IN-Company Training Instructional skills give BV&T complete and immediate solutions, from short to long, intensive in-company trainings, which allow you as an individual or team to set your goal towards concrete work plans. BV&T trains, guides, coaches, advises and carries out your development and learning projects.

Content: Course instructional skills
In order to be able to perform an assignment, clear instructional skills are required in advance. However, it often happens that things are forgotten or that the instructor is not fully understood. This may cause a course to fail. To prevent this, BV&T offers a course that teaches you to properly instruct. BV&T offers an answer for all your questions about instructions and, in this case, e-learning is an excellent and complete program. In our training program, we discuss in detail how you see instructions and what tools we can provide. From this extensive intake we know what study material you explicitly need to improve your situation. Through theoretical introductions, the necessary didactic and educational principles are explained. The transfer of knowledge and skills takes place through various forms of work in the training. Examples of these forms are: instructional and transfer techniques, forms of cooperation and game forms. During the training you will receive many practical examples from the teacher.

The training program can be combined with other training sessions Result after training Instructional skills.
Once you have followed this instructional course, you'll be able to make more balanced choices. In addition, it will become clear to you how to give instructions and how to deal with specific questions on the spot when these occur. You also know the guidelines in which people manifest themselves. You can estimate the learning pattern of your candidate and/or employee. In order to achieve this result, prepare a comprehensive plan of action in which the final terms are included. BV&T offers a result-oriented training with the aim of positive change. We support you with the right tuning of these instructional skills. We do this by continuously reflecting, observing and requesting feedback from participants during the course. This gives participants more insight into their own behavior.

In Company Training

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